and here I go again!

So I started blogging again last month, not regularly though. I had to change my site. Turns out the old one is not really convenient for me. Glad I switched! So this is my new site where I will be updating hopefully everyday =)

Yesterday was Marian’s 6th birthday. Spent the whole Sunday at a swimming pool with the whole family. I got a little darker but I was disappointed because it was only a little. I wanted a lot darker. But what disappoints me the most are my eye bags! Which are now a permanent resident on my face. And since I am the reliever of the month, I’m guessing it will take forever to remove it. I have sleeping problems you know and it gets harder when your the reliever. Anyhoo, back to Marian’s pool party. No Luigi and Jen with me, so that means no diving. boohoo!  The kidielets are driving me nuts, having to babysit the four sutils, but hey it was fun! Truly, sundays are best spent with family and friends.

the birthday girl.

the crazy kids

me and a well defined eye bags! i look like a dalai lama.


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