so the week goes a little something like this

I had a crazy ass week. Had my first night duty again after a while last Monday, I had no idea how my body would react to my new time slot. Got through Monday which was quite OK, but Tuesday was a different story. I dreaded the sleeping time because I new I won’t be able to complete my 12 hours of sleep, not even my 8 hours and I turned out right. I just slept from 9 am till 1 pm, after that, it was only full time rolling in bed while eyes are shut pretending and trying to fall asleep.

And then, as if things are not worse, bad news came crashing in. So really, goodbye to falling asleep. And then, more bad news, as if the  first one is not enough. Turns out, my career in the money changing world is about to end. (Mournful sigh) Was actually looking forward to those days which are about to come. I needed a change in my everyday routine and money changing gives me that, but that only happens once a year. If were quite lucky three times a year would be the max. Never mind the rough hours of just seating and counting money in a big american ship, we are actually loving what were doing. So yes! That would be missed, especially the friends we made along the way.

So my day actually ended with me having dinner and coffee with the girlies and rushing to work after. I did had a grande coffee jelly hoping that I won’t be sleepy as hell since I didn’t sleep well. ( hey! it rhymes ) Turns out, coffee jelly is doing a job in keeping me awake, only because i was constantly running back and forth to the bathroom the whole night. Damn it!

Screw you coffee jelly! I will never drink you again!


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