i work while the rest of the world is having fun

Last Friday was another holiday. Another long weekend to be enjoyed by everyone. The sad part is, I’m not everyone! I work while the rest of the world is having fun. Ok, not only me. But since i work in a government hospital, service to the public must come first. Meaning: no holidays, just regular day offs. So it is also equal to NO LONG WEEKENDS. But there are also pros to me working on a holiday. The hospital is as quiet as it gets. I guess everybody is enjoying the holidays so they decided to stay at home rather than roaming around the city or doing something stupid that might get them ending up in a hospital where I work, right? Kudos for that.

After work, I wanted to treat myself for a hefty meal. Me and the Katie went for dinner at Xpresso with a lot of walking around the bay which led me to losing a pair of my favorite earrings. Darn! I hate myself for that. I even convinced Katie dear to walk the same path back because we might stumble upon the lost pair again. lol. But even so, no earring was found. sad! Why did I ever think of tying my hair?? That was when the earring lost itself. Must be careful next time.

A picture of a very haggard looking me, minus the earrings. Friday’s outfit was from Ukay. I mean the top only. Must shop again soon. Have a good week! =)


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