so I was thinking….

I am ridiculously staring at this blank page leading me to the realization that I am STILL not in the right frame of mind to write anything up. What the fuck is wrong with me today??!! Really?? I use to have this thoughts written on crumpled paper inside my head and i just simply cannot wait to sit in front of my laptop and create an interesting entry about it, but now I just can’t find it anymore. Seriously? where are my random thoughts? I jotted down possible reasons why, check this out:

  • I left my brain in MALATE. Which is absolutely ridiculous since I was there for only 5 days but those 5 days was just not ordinary. A lot of realization and eye opening situations hit me straight up.
  • Due to the fact that I am in zombie land again ( zombie land simply means: night duty ) I have not completed my 12 hours of sleep to keep me up on my feet.
  • The alcohol killed all my brain cells. So if there is such a thing as “the zombies ate your brain” mine would be “the alcohol killed your brain cells”. Well, the fact remains that I have been drinking AGAIN like alcohol is the only thing that can keep me hydrated. Not planning to go back to my alcoholic ways though.

And at the end of the day, I just simply need a peace of mind and to smile. bye!


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