Out of boredom

So it’s a lazy stormy day today thanks to typhoon MEGI. I don’t have work but guess where I am right now? Yes, I’m at the hospital still doing paper works. Funny because this would be the perfect time to stay home and sleep in with this bed weather and yet I chose to do paper works only because I was sleeping the whole day yesterday. 18 hours to be exact. And now, I’m just writing this quick entry before going back to my reports.

I haven’t exactly wrote anything in the longest time. I had a chaotic schedule. And i mean really chaotic!

Things I have yet to tell:

  • Luigi’s acoustic night
  • Military Exercises and everything that goes with it.

Right now? It’s just a lazy boring day.

It was raining like hell outside so I chose to wear an over sized shirt and green leggings with slippers.

Snap shots of mark and me at the office after eating lunch.

At the office with them =)

Gotta go and finish this up. Catch up with you later!


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