all I have are remnants of last night

So, October 28,29 and 30 is the official start of the party season. Marking that is the kick off party of the MARDIGRAS. It’s suppose to sound fun right? The problem is, I wasn’t around to enjoy it. Unlike last year, I wouldn’t exactly call it fun though (reasons are yet to be revealed but I’m pretty sure some of you would know why) but I was present.

Definition of MARDIGRAS here in the O.C:

  • Closing up the entire Magsaysay drive, enough space for the people to party and get drunk and get into a brawl of some sort.
  • Literally raining BEER all over the place.
  • Setting up several stages at different points for the band to perform.
  • People walking around to make “usyoso”
  • People walking around to drink.
  • People walking around to get drunk.
  • And finally, people walking around to get into a fight. lol

I’m not making it sound unsafe, but sometimes it is. And for someone who works at the hospital at graveyard shift for three consecutive nights while there’s a MARDIGRAS going on, trust me, I have seen it all. MARDIGRAS is also equivalent to MEDICO LEGAL. Plenty of that if I may add. So too much fun might not be really fun at all, especially if you end up at the hospital. So drink moderately. Buhbye now!

This is what it looks like in the morning, after all the drinking and the partying.


One thought on “all I have are remnants of last night

  1. hi ally.u

    i think i know why u didn’t enjoy last year’s Mardigras. I, too, did not enjoy Mardigras last year. Pinky and I went for a stroll last year at Magsaysay Avenue during Mardigras and we we eneded up dining at Sam’s.

    Yes, it was that toxic in the ER last Mardigras season and i’m only too thankful i wasn’t on duty during the closing party of the last night of Mardigras. haha! Poor Vincent! He didn’t have to go to the party. Mardigras came to the hospital in the form of medicolegal, PE, PA and alcohol intoxication!u


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