it’s suppose to be an amazing kind of life.

24 for 24 is coming soon. Sooner than I even thought. I have no plans on celebrating or having a party, but one thing is for sure, I so want to get DRUNK on my day. Erase Erase! I want ME time on my day. I am having a “come what may” sort of celebration since I have no plans on what to do, I have no time to plan anything at all and the bottom line, TENTENENEN!!! I have no budget! I am TRYING to save for future use. I just feel the need to be wise with money lately, except on alcohol, food, bags, shoes and then there was ukay. SEE WHAT I MEAN?? I don’t want to wait until next year to start since I know that new year’s resolution is not gonna push through at all. So why wait??

Anyhoo, I have been BUSY as a bee lately. I don’t have time for anything at all. Not even time for my self. My friends think that I am missing in action, which is kinda true but honestly speaking I have no idea where time is going. All I remember is if I’m not at work I am home sleeping and when I wake up it’s time to work again, something like that. Other than the work that i have to juggle everyday, since it’s December, the famous Christmas party event is coming and I have to add a little craziness in my sort of amazing kind of life. I have to dance a lot and when I say a lot believe me it is a lot. Now I have to be best friends with Mr Salonpas.

Well my theory is, since I love dancing so much, this is the only given time where in I am aloud to dance as much as I could. So what the heck!! Let’s see if I survive?

Oh and one more thing, turning 24 in less than a week and still amazingly SINGOL.

  • I have friends which I practically have my whole life
  • I have work. period.
  • I……. What’s next again?
  • and YES, I am trying to justify my loneliness. LOL!

Damn it! I need a boyfriend, STAT.


One thought on “it’s suppose to be an amazing kind of life.

  1. Hey Ally!

    I love salonpas! ❤ It has been the saviour of my muscles for years and years! 😀 Right now I feel like cutting up a sheet and placing it all over my forehead and neck from my stress headache! lol!

    I want to get drunk for my birthday too! I have a little bottle of jaegermeister in my freezer waiting for me to finish school and drink it! 😀

    I love to dance too! Its such a good workout and stress reliever! Although, if I were to dance right now in school for the stress I have, they would probably think I was crazy or kick me off the property… lol!

    I hope you have a good birthday cousin! ❤

    And dont worry about finding a man! You are a beautiful woman, plus men now-a-days are more trouble than they are worth… most of them here in the US act like their girlfriends or wives JOBS are to clean up after them and take care of them like mommies… Even when the women have a full plate for their lives already… o.O


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