random grumpiness!

hello there! how are you today?! I wouldn’t want you to ask me that question back right now because TENTENTENTEN ally woke up to the wrong side of the bed today! But just in case your annoyingly annoying and would still continue to ask me how am I today? Here would be the puurrrfect answer: I am grumpy! Like an old old man. I woke up this morning to a noisy band marching in front of my house which is quite stupid. I know it’s fiesta, everything should be happy and noisy but really?? Marching band at 7 in the morning pushes it to the limit!!! People are still sleeping, hello! People that actually work theirs asses off until midnight. People that came home around 4 in the morning from a random party. And people that just doesn’t wake up early. People like ME! So stay away from my house. I didn’t actually had a goodnight sleep. I had a few things in my mind last night that somehow triggered the grumpiness. Friend problems, boy problems, oh then there was the fact that I would have to parade all over town wearing a how do you call it? A “new york new york” sort of outfit! So yes, kill me now puhlease! I’m not really in the mood for anything happy happy right now. All I can think of is drinking alcohol so I could sleep well through the night and hopefully wake up right tomorrow. buhbye now!


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