2011 you scare me!

New year is all sorts of F-U-N. Had a blast on the eve of it with the whole family at home, wearing… GREEN! Pop saw it on tv that green is the color of the year being mentioned by the famous Zenaida Seva. So green it is! I’m not gonna elaborate on the whole new year’s eve huplah since it’s mostly the common eating, drinking, jumping and picture-ing , LOL.




Anyhoo, here are some of the things I am aiming for this new year. Though I do not call it new years resolution because I have to admit if I call it that way, trust me I won’t fulfill any of it. Just like this first one:

I will try my best to stay away from alcohol. Marked with a big fat X! Because I was drinking
on the very first day of the year. But it was the least, I was just drinking rum cola with chicharon bulaklak.

I will save more. Which is doing quite good so far.

I started my Project 365. Day three already, we’ll see how far I go. Wish me luck!

Will take more pichars! Hopefully..

I will update this blog. I promise =)

Hmmmmm, what else?? I will update if I add more.


  • I wore pink panties for good luck in my love life. Fingers crossed I hope it’s true. It won’t hurt if I try.
  • I jumped like a rabbit and Yes I still want to grow.
  • I wore green the lucky color of the year.

I am expecting a lot this year. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint me because 2011 scares the shit out of me.


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