define project 365

Project 365 is simply random everyday pictures. From the word itself, 365 days in a year. Everyday pictures of me, friends, places, things, things I love, people I love, overwhelming scenes and the likes. I got the idea from my sister, but she got lazy and didn’t finish her 365. I’m hoping I won’t. I’m not a pro yet in taking pictures so please bear with me. I figured since I now own the little rebel, what am I gonna do with it right? So I started this project. It will be fun going through 1/365 to 365/365 at the end, i’m gonna see if I have improvement. LOL! So I must not get lazy at all and snap my days away.

I’m now on 20/365 and so far this are my bets:

my yellow nails are the cutest!

I got addicted to lens flares! lol

more of 365 here! ciao =)


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