sunday + necklace

I know it’s totally irrelevant to talk about Sunday since it is Tuesday already, but what the heck!

My Sunday was spent lazy-ing around. (If there’s such a word.) Sister and I spent time taking pictures of vintage necklaces that were for sale. Bazaar leftovers that were trying to dispose. Some are too cute that I just can’t get my hands of. I got four! But I only have picture of one. Here, take a look..

the cute LV bag!


and here’s the rest of the gang..



After the necklace thingy, we went to church.


Sunday out fit. Lol at my face!

Ukay skirt, belt I got somewhere in California from my moma, plain white shirt from Gap, necklace I got from the sister and the shoes from Tonic at greenhills. They are my favorite!

They’re so comfy!

I call them “dwarfina shoes” better known as the “boyfriend shoes”. I plan to buy a thousand more.


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