The BIG Event

The long wait for May 10 was over. What does May 10 have anyway? Let me tell yah, MR. BIG LIVE AT ARANETA. Though, honestly speaking, half the people my age or should I say almost 75 % does not who MR. BIG is. So here goes, MR. BIG is a hard rock group formed in L.A California in 1988. So yes, they’re kinda old school for me. But I’m telling you, they’re pretty damn good for old timers! Here are the three of my favorites from MR. BIG: To Be With YouWild World and Just Take MY Heart. I’m pretty sure you know these songs and yep feel free to sing along baby.

pictures pictures pictures!

the ticket and the shirt

here while in line, I wore my chucks to the event.

people in line

and here they are.... the band I love the most

My next stop, MILEY CYRUS!!!

yey yey yey!


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