This post is for you

*WARNING: This post was written thru a phone. So if you happen to see a typo error, find it in your heart to forgive me. It is not exactly easy to blog thru a phone. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME.

This is a celebratory post for every one who is successful in my life, except ME. Well, don’t get me wrong, I may be a lot of things but there is no self fulfillment some where in there. So nope, I am not successful. Not yet. At least that’s how I feel. But for my good friend Luigi, her story begins tomorrow and the rest is still unwritten.

I met her at my work place. She is what you call a nurse. A good one if I may add. And when I say good, I mean ass kickingly good! She stands for what she believes in. She has proved herself several times in an equally dynamic environment. Some may have contemplated evil strategic plans to bring her down but I tell yah, they never won.

Lui was one of those people who took the iniative to be friends with me. And since then, we clicked. Like I was the lock and she was the key. We were inseprable. So you can imagine how I feel now that she is leaving? But negativity is not welcome here. Positive outcomes only. And I am so proud of my girl. Like ‘oh-my-gosh-I-raised-you-so-well-im-so-proud-of-you’ kind of proud. Though I will miss a lot of things about her. Like she is the one and only girl who would model for my photography. And I have no one to sing karaoke with (she makes my voice sound good every time I sing with her). And that is minus one to my long list of drinking buddies. What can I do, they come and go as they please.

Her journey to a new life as she flies off some where in the middle east to save lives is just about to start and here I am writing this post on how succesful she is when in fact it doesn’t start officially until she lands there. Why? Because I know for a fact that she’s never gonna quit. I know so. And for that, she’s already successful for me.
So get outta here and make some money. And when you come back, we will party like a rockstar! I will surely miss your quirky ways 🙂 iloveyoutakecarebye!


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