ally monasterial on riding SOLO

ally monasterial photography

single and loving it!

I know, I should be doing my report instead of writing this entry. But this will be really quick. I promise! Then I will jump back to “boring” Ally again.

Growing old alone scares the shit out of me. I always believed that some one was meant for me, some where out there. But as of this very moment I DON’T REALLY CARE! I have grown tired of waiting and I have realized that, yes, shit happens every single day! But what are you gonna do about it?! Life sucks we all know that, ok maybe not all, still, the more reason for me not to be miserable at every angle. I have like what, less than 50 years to live? And I should make the most out of it. Do things. Live life without the complications of being emotional on all things because every thing expires! Yes kids, EVERYTHING. That includes you and your virginity. With that being said, I would like my life to revolve on temporary things. Like the time it takes for you to maximize your unlimited text before it expires. I am no longer the girl who whines on being single everyday. Or loves that happily ever after thought. I’ve got news for you sister, YOUR NOT A PRINCESS. So yes, starting today, I’d rather be the girl with no emotions. I am accepting the fact that I am riding solo and I will be damn sure to make the most out of it!


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