I blame you HORMONES

May I warn you that this post is full of emotions, just full of it. I blame my hormones and the 876,758th napkin.

I feel miserable at times like this. Especially when some random friend sees you and says this exact words “Ang ganda mo naman ngayon! wala pa din bang BOYFRIEND?! Ano ba yan! Dapat Yung mga ganyang itsura may BOYFRIEND na!” I don’t know exactly how to respond to this. I have to say, she did caught me off guard. I wish she stopped at the ANG GANDA MO NAMAN NGAYON and did not continue with the rest of what she wanted to say. I also felt that the word BOYFRIEND kinda stings. And with that being said, I felt a familiar feeling. The feeling of asking myself if there is something wrong with me? How come boys just don’t see what other people see in me? aaaahhh the hell with them! I’m gonna eat my feelings together with this Brazo De Mercedes staring at me from the refrigirator and try writing a better post later. ciao!


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