A sober 25 year old sounds nice

I will be turning 25 in less than a month. Well, 17 days to be exact and I must admit, I am feeling the age. It’s like I’m in one fourth of my existence here. I am! So what to do on my 25th other than planning to drink 25 bottles of beer without passing out? Which I’m pretty sure will not happen (maximum of 5 bottles and I get really sleepy). I don’t want to throw a party. I’m trying to save (which I’m not pretty good at). Thinking of all the money that will cost me with all that beer that my friends and I will be drinking on the eve of my birthday makes me want to CREY. Ok, a little “kuripot” here. It’s just that 25 is a mature age. I’m TRYING to be mature and saving me from getting drunk seems to be a mature thing to do. I used to be all out on parties and stuff but what can I say, things change. And for some reason I did too. Some of you may not believe or maybe a lot but I don’t like going out on weekends anymore. Unlike when I was younger, 22 yr old Ally would be on a bar right now (since it’s Friday today) drinking until around 5 in the morning and doing the exact same thing the next night. I made the best out of those nights, so YES, I’m done with that. Right now, my idea of a good weekend would be movies and dinners. I also love sleeping in early and drinking coffee instead of beer. And I have managed to turn myself from a night person into a day person. It comes with the age I guess. I must say I’m proud of the 24 turning 25 yr old Ally for being sober for quite some time now. I deserve a tap in the back, Good job!




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