On Love Affairs and Secret Lovers

NOTE: This post is not written or constructed because I am having an affair of my own neither it is created to encourage any one of you to TRY or even consider having an affair. You guys are old enough and you have a mind of your own. You might try it just to say that “hey! I’ve been there, done that.” or you will choose to remain on plain, safer grounds. It’s all up to you. I’m just stating facts here anyway. So feel free to read away.


Affairs exist when one on a established relationship is engaged on another illicitly. What triggers this affairs? Love? Boredom? Company? The list goes on and on but one can’t really answer that question. Even the one having an affair could not explain profoundly why he would choose to engage himself in such complicated situations. I, for one, have had my own share of affairs. Something I would laugh at now when I come to think of it. I don’t even know where to begin or why I have done such thing. Everybody does things like that. Yes kids, everybody. That includes YOU someday so it doesn’t hurt if you’d prepare yourself as early as now.

We have different opinions and mind sets. One may not posses the open mindedness that I have on situations like this. All I’m saying is that this is reality. It happens. You may resist it now but after a year later you will find yourself on the exact same spot you resisted a year ago. Ironic isn’t it? So chug down on these thoughts that might be helpful someday.

* Disregard any possible blooming emotions. Keep it locked on a safe place. Remember that affairs don’t last very long. You’ll be safer that way or you will drown your self in misery if you let that feelings out. Trust me, I know.

* Poker face. Act as if everything is just normal. That you have nothing to hide.

* Do not let any one or anything affect you impulsively. Think it through a couple of times before deciding.

* Never have an affair with some one who knows almost everybody around you. Gossip runs faster than air.

* Avoid too much attachment. You might almost do not want to let go if that happens.

* Never introduce him/her to your family or friends to avoid awkwardness.

* Never take him/her to your place. This might lead to something else. (oh I know you know what I mean!) And it leads to the next one..

* Don’t eat breakfast together. It only means you spent the night together and it becomes cheesy.

* Limit your common friends. Self explanatory.

* Do not go to church together. It’s like your saying hey God look! Were so happy together we don’t care what other people will say. Jeezas!

* Do not talk about the future like you know what’s really goin to happen. Remember your on borrowed time. So limit your conversation on music, movies and hobbies.

* Always prepare yourself. Anything can happen. Tomorrow is a different day.

And it all boils down to either you avoid affairs or you try it. Your choice not mine so THINK WISELY. Ciao!


One thought on “On Love Affairs and Secret Lovers

  1. Parang gusto ko mgcomment bwat isa ah..enjoy life… your decision will define u, no one knows what is ryt or wrong

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