Remembering the dark side

How can I forget this day?! Exactly 3 years ago, same date as today, I was nabbed and held at gun point inside a jeepney some where in Lacson Sampaloc, Manila. I can still remember the terrorizing faces of my holdapers. It was the worst day of my life and their happiest since they had everything that was inside my humongous bag. And by everything I mean, two cellphones, a couple of peso, clothes, my favorite perfume which was barely used and I don’t remember the rest. All I know is jackpot sila sa bag ko! I was left with nothing since I’m wearing leggings with no pocket. There was a good samaritan along the way who helped me out, Thank God! As for the trauma that experience left me, up until now I don’t like riding jeepneys in a dark place. And to my holdappers: I bet your still doing that up until now. Give up your balls!! They’re pretty useless anyways. You actually do not deserve them at all. Happy new year!!


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