Day off well spent!

I have been waiting for my regular 2 days off to come in handy. After all the partying and dancing from the holidays, it is indeed nice to spend 2 days just lying in bed, eating chips and watching movies non stop. Oh I would kill for that to happen! But since I’m a very busy, hard working little girl, that will just have to wait. I had my 2 days off and it was spent very well. That of the first day was sleeping in until 6 pm since I am on my graveyard shift making me not sleep at night. Body clock is totally broken! The next day I was up so early so I decided to do some stuff to be productive.

6:00 am – cooked breakfast 🙂


8:00 am – took my baby to the carwash


9:00 am – went to the bank for some transactions


10:00 am – drove my mother to the office. (no picture since I’m actually driving)

11:00 am – lunch meeting with some very important people

1:30 pm – money changing duties at the pier


With ate donna inside the ship taking a break from speaking in english and explaining how to load minutes on their phone. I’m surprised really that they don’t know how when the instruction is clearly written in english.


Eating this while on board


My favorite pink juice! I don’t know what it’s called though


8:00 pm – dinner date with Joy. Forgot to take pictures of us together but I did managed to take a photo of the pasta we ate at Aresi bar


10:00 pm – getting drinks with friends at Club V. The band playing was really good


Went home when the clock striked 12. YES! I am a good girl now. And sober too.

Random pichars of myself during the day and the night.




So what do you guys do on your restdays?


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