Fuck you!
Yes you!
That’s how much I hate you.

Actually, scratch that. This is how much I hate you:
Tangina mo! Naririnig mo ba sarili mo ngayon? I mean you give really good advice to others, but really?? Those words are seriously coming out of your mouth right now? Without a moment of stutter? Wow then! You never fail to amaze me! Look at you, all mighty and shit like you know every word your saying. Well actually you do! You know very well how to feed others this advice because you’ve done it a thousand times and you keep on doing it. You give the “look who’s talking” cliche a new spin. Well fuck you!! I swear if you were standing infront of me i would’ve kicked you in the groin by now.

Why do I even bother going down to your level when clearly every word you said was right? So here’s what I’m gonna do instead, I’m gonna take your advice. Word per word even if it wasn’t meant for me. Everything you said there was righy anyway. I DESERVE SO MUCH MORE. So yes I hate you, but thank you too, I couldn’t do this with out you. And in your words, “professional ka d ka dapat pinaglalaruan ng lalake.”

So. Hi! Goodbye. Eat shit and die.


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