just like a Doctor

Friday is madness. Actually Friday is wash day too. So yey for me because madness plus wash day gives a very good excuse to wear something nice at work. I do work in a hospital for some of you who don’t know, and yes I’m one of those wearing a plain white uniform all day everyday. Can you imagine now how excited I get when friday comes? Now you know. And By the way in my professional world, you can’t just wear anything. You have to come out with a decent outfit for the patient’s eyes.

Yesterday, I opted for a smart casual look. I was hesitant with the off white blazer at first. I know everybody would be calling me doctora, and they did. But then again I don’t really care. I paired it with a plain tee, ragged jeans and my favorite comfy boyfriend shoes.

I don’t wear accessories often unless it’s a major event or something like that, in most cases I stick to the basic watch and earrings. 

thrifted white blazer, plain tee (gap), jeans (guess), boyfriend shoes (tonic), belt (sm accessories), watch (casio)


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