I am not your little secret

So, I am practically known as the girl who attracts committed guys, like ALL THE TIME! I don’t know if this particular piece of information is something to be proud of because I’m not feeling very proud right now. I am actually confused if I would take it as a compliment or get offended by it. Surely it is a nice feeling if some guy likes you (don’t deny it girls). It does boost your confidence right?! But it’s one thing if a guy likes you and it’s another if a COMMITTED guy likes you. And don’t ever let that confuse you. I’ve tried that before and it didn’t do me any good. Learned my lesson and moved on.

And as for the guys, can you please keep your pendulum balls inside your pants?! Why is that so hard for you to do?? I mean your like the perfect prince charming to your girlfriend but the second she turns around you turn into some kind of billionaire playboy of some sort. Really?? You get to that with the girl you say you love? What more with the girl you don’t actually love? What the hell is wrong with you people? You don’t get to play with girls, were not Barbies for crying out loud. What happened to true love? If you really love your girlfriend like you say you do, then you wont fool around with every single girl you meet almost everyday. And if it so happened that fooling around is something your really good at then go be SINGLE before you do so. Do the fucking math boys. It’s actually not that hard.

I maybe known for that title but for the record, I’m not wearing the crown. So if your thinking if you could try that on me then I’m sorry to disappoint you, I am not the girl your looking for.  Why not try that to the next girl you’ll meet. That is if she’s stupid enough, then tonight is your lucky night. Ciao!


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