August Rush

Good morning beautiful ones! No, I am not up early. As a matter of fact, I haven’t slept yet. It’s my first night as a zombie in my shifting hospital schedule. I got the night shift for this month. So that means good bye to my social life for about a month but you will see me roaming the streets of the city again in no time. I promise!

So far August is quite promising.

• I’m loving my schedule because I think I have three weeks of three days off. We don’t get to have that much.

• I’m also looking forward to some events that are booked as early as today.

• A dinner event on Sunday. Oh shit thats tomorrow! Need to finalize what to wear.

•And then another dinner event on the 12th.

Yup! I’m loving this month already.

What I did yesterday:



Coffee with the girls. Since it’s my first night duty, I needed my caffeine fix badly or else I wouldn’t be functioning very well at work. Coffee is my substitute for alcohol. If I’m not drinking alcohol then I might as well drink coffee instead.


Found the perfect shoes for tomorrow’s event. Yey! I can also use it when I’m wearing pants or skirt. What ever.

I am sleepy now. So I’ll leave you guys alone. Ciao!


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