We Can’t Stop, We Won’t Stop

Hello! The weekend went by in a flash but it was well spent indeed. We, my friends and I, the basic bitches, have grown attached to each other that if a day goes by that we haven’t seen one another, it doesn’t feel right.

Viber is also currently overused by our group. We are so thankful for technologies now a days! If not for this, damn this group wouldn’t be this tight. Now distance is not a problem when communicating with one another. Social networking was never a problem either.

I’m glad all of this is happening because if not, our routine would be seeing-each-other-once-a-month kind of thing. I’m also really glad that we are extremely enjoying ourselves, making new friends, meeting new people, doing a lot of things that only we can understand and cope with, making plans and events together, going out even if it’s just running errands, dinner, drink up sessions, movie dates, coffee sessions, buying diapers, paying bills and so much more. Because if we haven’t pushed this kind of shenanigans together I bet you it wouldn’t be that fun and it would be that once a month kind of thing I was telling you about.

We are also each others vent out system. When ranting about other people, work, family, relationships and even if it’s just about those simple things. We can’t last a day with out talking to each other.

I do believe that we are just enjoying our life……..to the fullest……..while were young.

Que in music: WE CAN’T STOP

The weekend in photos!

That one steady day when we decided to just randomly meet up in the mall and do UA sugaring, eat dinner and drink coffee afterwards and tried our best to be sober but we were just too alcoholic to not drink and we ended up sleeping at Yona’s. So much for trying to be sober and fresh for Sunday’s event. Haha.









I would include Sunday here but that is a totally different story. A long one that requires a new post and a lot of pictures. Ciao beautiful people!


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