I Once Had A Band

In lieu to the THROWBACK THURSDAY madness that happens, well, every Thursday. Here’s a throwback post that happened 3 years ago. October 2010 to be exact.

We created an event. Nothing fancy though. Just a birthday celebration and we themed it as our “Acoustic Night”. We are suckers for creating parties back then. This was a big thing. Remember I said nothing fancy right? But it did turned out a little fancier than expected since we had the whole entourage of a concert event. The big speakers, the amplifiers, the mic, the guitars, the kajon, the lights (spot light and dancing light) we even had our own dj and booth. For something that will take place in the backyard, It is indeed fancy. I remembered it so well! It was a spontaneous and fun night. Everybody was really drunk. And the best part is that we created music. Those were the days.








I once had a band. We called ourselves “ASPHYXIA”. I was the cajon player. We weren’t that good but that’s okay, were cute anyways. And in my defense, we didn’t had enough time to practice back then.

The Sign
This is the one and only video that was saved that night. Our first song. When everybody was still sober. The other videos? It was history because everybody was drunk. No one was sober enough to record. But all the good songs were played during the last part. We even did the SWEET CHILD O’ MINE by Guns N’ Roses. That was my favorite part. Again WE WEREN’T THAT GOOD. This was just for fun so cut us some slack okay? Ciao!


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