Ranting 101

I know, blogs are suppose to contain sugar, spice and everything nice. But in my case, this is my personal tell it all space. What you will find in here is pratically what happens to me every single day. Well, almost.

What I did.
What I wore.
Where I went.
What I bought.
What I ate.
Who I was with.
And even What I feel.

Yes, this blog contains everything. I am very transparent to the public eye and what you see is what you get. So please find it in your kind heart to forgive while I rant about this certain topic right now. So here goes.

WORK. For the love of all good and evil, I am trying to pull an over nighter here and I do not appreciate people who will try almost everything just to hit on me while they have patients suffering from illness or even worst, a wife who is currently screaming in the delivery room because she is having contractions every five minutes and also because she is about to give birth to your unborn child. What the hell?? I am working here people so could you at least give me the courtesy and leave me alone? I do not have time to flirt with you and bat my eyelashes when I’m counting my stocks. And also, where did you get your confidence? Would you mind looking at the mirror first? Yes, I am rude. Just for now. But this is my blog your reading. And I can say what ever I want to say here especially if I can’t say it out loud. So even if your bothering me, I’m still suppose to be nice and give you that customer is always right policy. Ugh!

Sorry for that. Now I can breathe a little easier. I was able to let it out here. Back to work now. Ciao!


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