Let’s be BOLD

It’s raining. Hard. I’m home nothing left to do so hello outfit post.

I’ve stumbled upon some pictures of about 5 months old while spring cleaning the contents of my laptop.



I’m not the skirty skirt type of person. I prefer to wear shorts comfortably. I only wear skirts on special occasions or when it is actually required. I don’t know why but I am not comfortable with skirts. But this one is an exception. I like bandage skirts. it’s tight and it makes your ass look good. The sole reason why I would wear such thing.

The top is a different story. I like lacey tops. Cropped top. I like the fact that you could actually see what’s inside. Kinda sexy for me.


I really wish people here could be BOLDER when dressing up. Or spare the dagger look on the braves one who could actually wear something bold. SOCIETY.






I dare you to be BOLD beautiful ones. Ciao!



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