What I did Yesterday

Wednesdays and Restdays. I find it hard to stay at home and do nothing on restdays but there are times when I am too lazy to get off the bed. I make my day productive as possible. Though I wasn’t able to hit the gym today because I needed to sleep first. You can’t possibly lift even a 2 pound dumbell if your too exhausted from work. That will be tomorrow’s activity.

I was scheduled to meet the mommies and we would secretly bond over margaritas or coffee. Anything goes. But change of plans happened, which is also quite good. We ended up eating dinner at Chic Boy’s. And then Mom showed up with the Padre. Went to the mall and did a little shopping. I found the perfect tattered jeans by the way. And now I am lying in bed and blogging through my smart phone. But before all of that took place, my only plan for today was to get yet another haircut. Yup, that is right people. A haircut. Again. Yes. Another masterpiece by my hair stylist. I finally mimicked Coco Rocha’s sexy short hair. And I don’t care. I love it!


Rosel, my hair stylist.




Short hair, don’t care!

What I wore yesterday.


Dress and Bag from H&M and Shoes from Tonic

Have a nice day! Ciao.


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