Hormones at its finest


What’s up? Damn the rain is just fucking annoying.(excuse the language) It’s been raining non stop since this morning and this gloomy weather is not helping with my current situation/status. At this point, I WOULD SO LOVE TO TRADE PLACES WITH A MAN/BOY/GUY. I’m guessing you know why now.

YES. I am PMS-ing. Post menstrual syndrome. Why do girls have to go through this on a monthly basis? I have to admit I am not at my best during this moment so I would suggest you ran away from me, far far away! I turn into a super bitch with just a snap of a finger. I am extremes. One moment I am at my happiest and then the next thing I know is that I wanna cry for no exact reason. Or sometimes I wake up not in the mood for anything and staring at my bedroom ceiling pretty much sums up my day. There are times that I am also too lazy to move that I am just contented, crawled in bed. And also, maldita moments. I snap at everything and everyone. I don’t like talking so better not talk to me. I’d rather sleep all day than mingle with anyone. Believe me it’s for your own good.

Some perks: I’ts this one time of every month that girls are legit to be a bitch. Grumpiness is not an issue. It gives girls your “me time” meaning more time to think about anything without being disturbed because you just want to be left alone and they give you your space.

As a matter of fact, I really don’t know if I’m making any sense right now so I will just leave you all alone and I will wallow on my own. Sleep all night and wake up late tommorow.

P.S. If I so happen to snap at you by any chance. I’m sorry. You can blame the 894,637th napkin. Ciao!


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