Love Always Wins

Helllloooooooo! Missed me? Yup, I haven’t been writing anything since God knows when. The outbreak pretty much took over my life. And the reason why I’m writing now is because the outbreak also gave me a sleeping pattern deficit. I was on duty for 16hrs (11pm-3pm the next day). So when I went home, I slept from 4pm until 10am. Oh yes, the whole 18hrs. It was a much needed sleep. So right now, I can’t put myself to sleep.haha

Leptospirosis. My goodness! What have you done to my hometown? There was or should I say there is still some admissions going on. We reached the 500+ census of patients admitted. And us, all of the staff of the JLGMH did everything we could in our power to help everyone. Of course we couldn’t have done it if we didn’t have such amazing helping hands. Our beloved volunteers. The Red Cross Community. Our government employees. Our Doctors who couldn’t find the time of the day to even get a full rest. To our seniors, superiors and bosses. And of course to our Mayor, Sir Rolen Paulino. To everyone who extended their help even in the smallest possible way. To everyone who prayed for us. Thank you all very much from the bottom of our hearts. And to all the staff of James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital, we did one hell of a good job!

Now that the sleepless nights are almost over. I know that what we all did and what we all sacrificed in this unfortunate event will always be acknowledged by the people we helped. It is always good to know that in times like this we still find it in our good hearts to help each other out, to set our differences aside and work as one. It doesn’t matter if we only slept for 3 hours or if we can’t even sit down to rest. All that matters is, we were able to help those who are in need. And it always feels good that way. At the end of the day, LOVE ALWAYS WINS. Mahal ko kau Olongapo. Have a good night. Ciao!








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