Cristmas is just around the corner, and I mean 3 freakin days to go. I am currently not in the Ho Ho holiday spirit since I’m bankrupt. Yes, you heard it correctly. If you’ve been stalking my facebook then you’d know why. And then, as if bankruptcy was not enough on the supposedly “most wondeful time of the year”, I have work on the 24th and 25th. Hooray! The only consolation is at least this time, it’s double payed. So it’s actually ridiculous to post a Christmas wishlist now but hey, I just might have a secret Santa out there.

1. Combat Boots.

I adore this and I’ve searched high and low on flea markets and I just couldn’t find my size. I’m a 7 by the way and I want the brown one.


2. G-shock

I love watches. And who woudn’t if it’s this yummy?!


3. Ipod nano

Very handy when I run and well I told you I adore watches.


Please make me a happy kid this Christmas. Thank you. Happy Holidays beautiful people!


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