New Projects for This Year

Hello! How’s your year starting so far? Good? Mine is already awesome. I hope it stays that way.

So I started 2 new projects this year. First is my 52 Weeks Money Challenge and since I learned a hard lesson last year about money, this could help. It’s all about saving wherein I save a certain amount of money on a weekly basis. I start with 50 pesos and I keep adding 50 pesos weekly. By the time the year ends, I basically have 60 thousand something pesos. It’s a lot!

Second project is 52 Outfits. You know very well how much I love dressing up. So this is perfect. Though I did a lot of 52’s before and I didn’t finish it (I even had a 365 and didn’t have time to finish it either). I will TRY my best to create 52 outfits for you. How this project works? I post one outfit/look every week for the whole year. We have 52 weeks in one year hence the title “52 Outfits”. So wish me luck on this.


New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

 A simple and chic dress with a touch of red which brings luck on New Year.

These outfits will be posted on Facebook weekly. You can follow my progress on 52 outfits there. Though I will also be updating my blog every now and then. I do hope to finish this. Just wait for the coming weeks for new outfits. Keep on liking.  Ciao beautiful people!


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