Monday Blues

Today was sort of a monday to remember. I do hope that when I say remember, it’s the kind that when several months or years has passed we are able to laugh about it. I am rooting for that kind of remembering. However, I do have a feeling that it won’t be like that or I hope not.

Tell me something, have you ever been honest to someone even if being honest means saying the meanest things the person needs to hear? Yes, we do a lot of sugarcoating if we don’t want bridges to burn. But what if these bridges really need to burn in order for them to realize that you are not willing to be a part of this shenanigans. In order for them to know that this is the only way for them to realize their mistakes. Would you take the risk? Knowing that some where along the way, burned bridges may not be fixed at some point. And that at some point, they may just be a vague memory you have locked inside your brain and never want to visit again.

I’ve had my own fair share of mistakes and stupidity that I do believe I brought upon myself. I can’t blame me though. I’m only human. Everyday is a learning process. You learn from it and if you are smart enough, you don’t do it again. It breaks my heart to make choices I don’t want to make but it will break my heart further more if I let it happen to me again. I’m just saying that sometimes being smart about something is the wisest gift you can give yourself.

P.S This post is not written because I’m feeling emotional about something. My mind was just wandering and I can’t help it. If it makes any sense to you then thank you and if it doesn’t thank you for reading it still. Ciao.


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