Thursday Hits (08.07.2014)

A quick and easy post of some of the things I am currently obsessing about.

T.V Series:
Currently obesessing on CW’s REIGN starring Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scotland, Toby Regbo as Francis the future King of France and Torrance Coombs as Sebastian, the King of France’s bastard. Yup, there is definitely a love triangle going on there and it’s exciting as hell. And not just that. There are twists you wouldn’t expect. Oh things you would do for power and love. “Long may she reign.”


About to start the Jamie Mcguire series as recommended by my friend Trish. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


Currently obsessed with Spotify. Who ever invented this music app, you are heaven sent! And the Today’s Top Hits playlist is what I’ve been playing over and over again. It contains, well, today’s top hits. Duh?! From Justin Timberlake to Tiesto to Coldplay to Calvin Harris to Rita Ora to Arianna Grande and so on. Better listen to it now if you want to know what I mean.


Just waiting for it to come out on the big screen. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, need I say more?


The masala tea paired with humus with bread. I can hear angels singing. Grab it at Rachi Curry in Harbor Point.


I’m getting better at doing my own eyebrows. So here’s a celfíe for you.

Have a good day beautiful people. Ciao!


I Once Had A Band

In lieu to the THROWBACK THURSDAY madness that happens, well, every Thursday. Here’s a throwback post that happened 3 years ago. October 2010 to be exact.

We created an event. Nothing fancy though. Just a birthday celebration and we themed it as our “Acoustic Night”. We are suckers for creating parties back then. This was a big thing. Remember I said nothing fancy right? But it did turned out a little fancier than expected since we had the whole entourage of a concert event. The big speakers, the amplifiers, the mic, the guitars, the kajon, the lights (spot light and dancing light) we even had our own dj and booth. For something that will take place in the backyard, It is indeed fancy. I remembered it so well! It was a spontaneous and fun night. Everybody was really drunk. And the best part is that we created music. Those were the days.








I once had a band. We called ourselves “ASPHYXIA”. I was the cajon player. We weren’t that good but that’s okay, were cute anyways. And in my defense, we didn’t had enough time to practice back then.

The Sign
This is the one and only video that was saved that night. Our first song. When everybody was still sober. The other videos? It was history because everybody was drunk. No one was sober enough to record. But all the good songs were played during the last part. We even did the SWEET CHILD O’ MINE by Guns N’ Roses. That was my favorite part. Again WE WEREN’T THAT GOOD. This was just for fun so cut us some slack okay? Ciao!

Current Favorite Song

Highway Don’t Care
Tim Mcgraw feat. Taylor Swift

I am obssesed with this song. I have no idea why. I am a lover of music and I have a wide range of styles and genres that I happen to love. It may be slow or fast, upbeat or easy listening, old or new, pop or alternative, I can listen to it all.

This one in particular has its good vibe in every strum of the guitar. I feel relaxed when I listen to it, weird I know! And yes I do like Tim Mcgraw. That I am guilty of. I can listen to this song all day. 🙂

If you haven’t heard this song, click the link above and tell me what you think about it? I’ll leave you to that.

Now people, what is your current favorite song these days? Care to share?

Have a good day, ciao!

Current Theme Song: Bottom of the Ocean

Need I say more? The lyrics says it all. Enjoy!

Bottom of the Ocean
By Miley Cyrus
(click the link for the video)

It’s been in the past for a while
I get a flash then I smile
Am I crazy?
Still miss you, baby

It was real, it was right
But it burned to have to survive
All that’s left is
All these ashes

Where does the love go? I don’t know
When it’s all said and done
How could I be losing you forever?
After all the time we spent together

I have to know why I had to lose you
Now you’ve just become
Like everything I’ll never find again
At the bottom of the ocean

In a dream you appeared
For a while you were here
So I keep sleeping
Just to keep you with me

I’ll draw a map, connect the dots
With all the memories that I’ve got
What I’m missing
I’ll keep reliving
[ From: ]

Where does the love go? I don’t know
When it’s all said and done
How could I be losing you forever?
After all the time we spent together

I have to know why I had to lose you
Now you’ve just become
Like everything I’ll never find again
At the bottom of the ocean

This is it
Let go

You don’t have to love me
For me to, baby, ever understand
Just know of all the time that we both had
And I don’t ever wanna see you sad, be happy

I don’t wanna hold you
If you don’t wanna tell me you love me, babe
Just know I’m gonna have to walk away
I’ll be big enough for both of us to say, be happy

Be happy
Be happy
Be happy
Be happy