Life Just Got Better

Today, at exactly 3 months ago, I have unlocked a life goal. Might be one of the major milestones in my life. I have reached the country of my destination to fulfill a wonderful career. Something I have set myself doing when I reach the age of 25. But you know, life is full of surprises. My life goal is 3 years late but what the hell, I’ve achieved it anyway.

So 3 months ago I arrived at this cosmopolitan city-state kind of country called Singapore. It was love at first sight. It awed me in so many ways. Sometimes I feel like doing this happy little dance out of the blue or just throw my hands up in the air. And everyday I can’t thank God and my lucky stars enough for giving me this. I’ve never felt so high in life before. It’s such a wonderful thing for me to experience and I devour every minute of it. May it be the tired and troublesome days at work or just the plain old kicking it back at home, every moment is something to be thankful for. I wanted to document everything. Every struggle. Every smile. Every people. Every blessing. Every bad luck. Every bad and good days, but of course that is not possible. As much as I can, I take it in. The good, the bad and everything in between. I inhale it. I embrace it. I love it. I enjoy it and I write it off in my mind where I can access it anytime when I just feel like remembering it and smiling about it or if I ever feel like I need a major pick me up moment. And yes, I do miss home. Family. Friends. But nothing beats unlocking a major life goal. It’s like finishing the whole candy crush game, only this one is sweeter!

Now tell me, how is your 2015 so far?


Monday Blues

Today was sort of a monday to remember. I do hope that when I say remember, it’s the kind that when several months or years has passed we are able to laugh about it. I am rooting for that kind of remembering. However, I do have a feeling that it won’t be like that or I hope not.

Tell me something, have you ever been honest to someone even if being honest means saying the meanest things the person needs to hear? Yes, we do a lot of sugarcoating if we don’t want bridges to burn. But what if these bridges really need to burn in order for them to realize that you are not willing to be a part of this shenanigans. In order for them to know that this is the only way for them to realize their mistakes. Would you take the risk? Knowing that some where along the way, burned bridges may not be fixed at some point. And that at some point, they may just be a vague memory you have locked inside your brain and never want to visit again.

I’ve had my own fair share of mistakes and stupidity that I do believe I brought upon myself. I can’t blame me though. I’m only human. Everyday is a learning process. You learn from it and if you are smart enough, you don’t do it again. It breaks my heart to make choices I don’t want to make but it will break my heart further more if I let it happen to me again. I’m just saying that sometimes being smart about something is the wisest gift you can give yourself.

P.S This post is not written because I’m feeling emotional about something. My mind was just wandering and I can’t help it. If it makes any sense to you then thank you and if it doesn’t thank you for reading it still. Ciao.

New Look

Good evening beautiful people! Feels good to be writing something here again. I am beyond ecstatic that I finally found time to recreate my blog site (and to write again of course). Well 2014, I promised to write as many post as I could but then again I failed in that aspect so many times. So here’s the deal, I won’t make promises anymore. But I will keep on writing. So keep on reading. Ciao!


A preview of the new look, since this is the mobile view you can preview the full new look on the website. Don’t forget to pay a visit here. Thank you.

Everyday I’m shufflin

Oh my gosh hello there! I know I’m always saying I will write as often as possible and then end up not doing it. Sorry for that! As much as I want to update my post every now and then, I also want to be spontaneous. And ok let’s admit that I’m too busy so I often forget to write.

It’s halfway through December. God! Time flies so fast. I did turn 27 already so remind me to change my age on my “Get To Know Ally” page. It’s not yet the end of the year but it’s fast approaching (and I may also not have the time to write this by then), so here goes.

10 things 2013 taught me:

• Life is tough, but you gotta be tougher.
It’s ok to be a weakling sometimes but dude you can’t stay that way forever.

• Don’t wait for anyone to complete you.
You don’t live for any one but yourself.

• Be happy.
It doesn’t hurt if you always put that good vibes some where in there.

• Some risk are worth taking.
You win some and you loose some right?

• It’s suppose to be hard.
If it was easy then it wouldn’t be worth it.

• Love your parents.
We’re so busy growing up, we often forget they’re growing old.

• Learn from your mistakes.
Hey! No body is perfect. Even Anne Curtis got drunk and slapped some people.

• Set yourself free.
Don’t be afraid. You’ll be amazing eventually.

• Love your self.
More than anything in the world!

And it does help to,
• Be beautiful all the time.
And I meant inside and out!

I hope you had a wonderful 2013!
It’s not perfect all through out that 365 days but hey, you gotta find that good some where in there right? 🙂


Ciao beautiful people!

Hormones at its finest


What’s up? Damn the rain is just fucking annoying.(excuse the language) It’s been raining non stop since this morning and this gloomy weather is not helping with my current situation/status. At this point, I WOULD SO LOVE TO TRADE PLACES WITH A MAN/BOY/GUY. I’m guessing you know why now.

YES. I am PMS-ing. Post menstrual syndrome. Why do girls have to go through this on a monthly basis? I have to admit I am not at my best during this moment so I would suggest you ran away from me, far far away! I turn into a super bitch with just a snap of a finger. I am extremes. One moment I am at my happiest and then the next thing I know is that I wanna cry for no exact reason. Or sometimes I wake up not in the mood for anything and staring at my bedroom ceiling pretty much sums up my day. There are times that I am also too lazy to move that I am just contented, crawled in bed. And also, maldita moments. I snap at everything and everyone. I don’t like talking so better not talk to me. I’d rather sleep all day than mingle with anyone. Believe me it’s for your own good.

Some perks: I’ts this one time of every month that girls are legit to be a bitch. Grumpiness is not an issue. It gives girls your “me time” meaning more time to think about anything without being disturbed because you just want to be left alone and they give you your space.

As a matter of fact, I really don’t know if I’m making any sense right now so I will just leave you all alone and I will wallow on my own. Sleep all night and wake up late tommorow.

P.S. If I so happen to snap at you by any chance. I’m sorry. You can blame the 894,637th napkin. Ciao!

August Rush

Good morning beautiful ones! No, I am not up early. As a matter of fact, I haven’t slept yet. It’s my first night as a zombie in my shifting hospital schedule. I got the night shift for this month. So that means good bye to my social life for about a month but you will see me roaming the streets of the city again in no time. I promise!

So far August is quite promising.

• I’m loving my schedule because I think I have three weeks of three days off. We don’t get to have that much.

• I’m also looking forward to some events that are booked as early as today.

• A dinner event on Sunday. Oh shit thats tomorrow! Need to finalize what to wear.

•And then another dinner event on the 12th.

Yup! I’m loving this month already.

What I did yesterday:



Coffee with the girls. Since it’s my first night duty, I needed my caffeine fix badly or else I wouldn’t be functioning very well at work. Coffee is my substitute for alcohol. If I’m not drinking alcohol then I might as well drink coffee instead.


Found the perfect shoes for tomorrow’s event. Yey! I can also use it when I’m wearing pants or skirt. What ever.

I am sleepy now. So I’ll leave you guys alone. Ciao!

The weather made me do this, and PMS too.

Hello there! I know, I know. I haven’t written anything here again for quite some time. I promise I have a very LAME excuse. First of all, my internet provider is not very efficient. Well, it is not efficient at all so I decided to end the contract and apply a new one in a different company but for the love of God, I really don’t know what is taking them sooo long to install. I’ve been waiting for weeks now. Weeks! With no internet! Can you imagine how that feels? Ok, that was over acting. I have data plans on my phone. I have internet in the palm of my hand. But having to sit in a chair and have a laptop in front of you (with internet) is a different story. I know you know what I’m saying. Second lame excuse, this is so cliche but yes people! I am busy. I have life too you know. The life that pays the bills. You may also call it “work”. Which is kinda chaotic by the way. Since the change in the administration and all that boom boom, work was chaos I swear!
And last lame excuse, are you ready for this one? I. Am. Lazy. It’s a disease that gets to you sometimes. For some it is not just sometimes though. Come on let’s all be honest here. Some are terminal when it comes to laziness. Stand up and whip your hair back and forth people!

I really don’t know if I’m making any sense right now. I have a hangover. I can still taste the alcohol in my tongue. My thoughts are all over the place. I want to say a lot of things but I haven’t slept really well for weeks now (too much alcohol intake to be discussed in a different post). I am currently overthinking a lot of things, mainly boys. And yes, boys will be boys. They only change their toys. I want to do a lot of things, hence the hashtag HABANG BATA. But I don’t have much time to do anything. And all of this shenanigans, all the rumbling words I am currently typing is being caused by my f*cking PMS (excuse the word, I just had to say that). And also, It’s raining outside, I’m not much of a rain fan. So you can also blame the weather. I promise to post something which will make a lot of sense next time. I just want to let it all out right now. Ciao!