Life Just Got Better

Today, at exactly 3 months ago, I have unlocked a life goal. Might be one of the major milestones in my life. I have reached the country of my destination to fulfill a wonderful career. Something I have set myself doing when I reach the age of 25. But you know, life is full of surprises. My life goal is 3 years late but what the hell, I’ve achieved it anyway.

So 3 months ago I arrived at this cosmopolitan city-state kind of country called Singapore. It was love at first sight. It awed me in so many ways. Sometimes I feel like doing this happy little dance out of the blue or just throw my hands up in the air. And everyday I can’t thank God and my lucky stars enough for giving me this. I’ve never felt so high in life before. It’s such a wonderful thing for me to experience and I devour every minute of it. May it be the tired and troublesome days at work or just the plain old kicking it back at home, every moment is something to be thankful for. I wanted to document everything. Every struggle. Every smile. Every people. Every blessing. Every bad luck. Every bad and good days, but of course that is not possible. As much as I can, I take it in. The good, the bad and everything in between. I inhale it. I embrace it. I love it. I enjoy it and I write it off in my mind where I can access it anytime when I just feel like remembering it and smiling about it or if I ever feel like I need a major pick me up moment. And yes, I do miss home. Family. Friends. But nothing beats unlocking a major life goal. It’s like finishing the whole candy crush game, only this one is sweeter!

Now tell me, how is your 2015 so far?


Monday Blues

Today was sort of a monday to remember. I do hope that when I say remember, it’s the kind that when several months or years has passed we are able to laugh about it. I am rooting for that kind of remembering. However, I do have a feeling that it won’t be like that or I hope not.

Tell me something, have you ever been honest to someone even if being honest means saying the meanest things the person needs to hear? Yes, we do a lot of sugarcoating if we don’t want bridges to burn. But what if these bridges really need to burn in order for them to realize that you are not willing to be a part of this shenanigans. In order for them to know that this is the only way for them to realize their mistakes. Would you take the risk? Knowing that some where along the way, burned bridges may not be fixed at some point. And that at some point, they may just be a vague memory you have locked inside your brain and never want to visit again.

I’ve had my own fair share of mistakes and stupidity that I do believe I brought upon myself. I can’t blame me though. I’m only human. Everyday is a learning process. You learn from it and if you are smart enough, you don’t do it again. It breaks my heart to make choices I don’t want to make but it will break my heart further more if I let it happen to me again. I’m just saying that sometimes being smart about something is the wisest gift you can give yourself.

P.S This post is not written because I’m feeling emotional about something. My mind was just wandering and I can’t help it. If it makes any sense to you then thank you and if it doesn’t thank you for reading it still. Ciao.

Thursday Hits (08.07.2014)

A quick and easy post of some of the things I am currently obsessing about.

T.V Series:
Currently obesessing on CW’s REIGN starring Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scotland, Toby Regbo as Francis the future King of France and Torrance Coombs as Sebastian, the King of France’s bastard. Yup, there is definitely a love triangle going on there and it’s exciting as hell. And not just that. There are twists you wouldn’t expect. Oh things you would do for power and love. “Long may she reign.”


About to start the Jamie Mcguire series as recommended by my friend Trish. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


Currently obsessed with Spotify. Who ever invented this music app, you are heaven sent! And the Today’s Top Hits playlist is what I’ve been playing over and over again. It contains, well, today’s top hits. Duh?! From Justin Timberlake to Tiesto to Coldplay to Calvin Harris to Rita Ora to Arianna Grande and so on. Better listen to it now if you want to know what I mean.


Just waiting for it to come out on the big screen. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, need I say more?


The masala tea paired with humus with bread. I can hear angels singing. Grab it at Rachi Curry in Harbor Point.


I’m getting better at doing my own eyebrows. So here’s a celfíe for you.

Have a good day beautiful people. Ciao!

What am I up to today? (07.11.2014)

Hello beautiful people! I had so much fun today. The fulfilling kind of fun. Fun that I have not experienced in a very long time. I’ve been working in the hospital for about 6 years now and I have to say it is a routine job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the profession I studied for 4 years and yes, it pays the bills and I do love what I do but sometimes working in a toxic hospital burns me out. And once in a while I need a diversion. An outlet. Something I love doing other than being a Pharmacist. Today, the diversion I was looking for happened.

I am a big fashion junkie. I love clothes. The make up. The hair. The accesories. The whole entourage it comes with. One of my closest friends here who is a very successful make up artist, Yona Pacheco of Your Make Up Call, asked me to accompany her in one of her gigs for today. She had no one to go with and asked me. You know the feeling, just to have some one you know to be there with you in a pool of people you haven’t actually met but agreed to work with. So of course I said yes. Who would say no? She was actually asked to do a cover shoot for Brand Magazine. It’s a four year old magazine. An Urban Professional’s Magazine. It has everything from lifestyles to mobiles and gadgets, clothes and the latest fashion and even cars. They did the shoot here in Camayan Resort in SBMA with a Mini Cooper by the way.

So Yona did her thing with the make up. Worked her magic on them. She is by far one of the best MUA this city has ever had. And I’m not saying that because she is my friend. I’m saying it because I know it’s true. I’ve seen a lot of her works and everything is just amazing. She did my make up once when I was part of the entourage in my best friend’s wedding.


I got really excited because I was really curious on how things work behind the camera. I got to help too. I did their hair. I helped out on the wardrobe department. A lot of talking with new people. These people? The epitome of the saying “When you’re having fun, you don’t have to work a day in your life.” It was a long but seriously fun day. So much fun!

Behind the scenes:




Mario Alaman • Publisher/Managing Director of Brand Magazine




Andrew Rodriguez • Managing Editor of Brand Magazine




Steven Yu • Editor-In-Chief of Brand Magazine


With Yhuong Botor, Fashion Editor of Brand Magazine


Me with my good friend Yona.

If you have inquiries for Yona Pacheco you can visit her Facebook page here or her official website here and like her on instagram: @yourmakeupcall.
You can also visit Brand Magazine’s offical Facebook page here and please do grab a copy.

Until my next adventure. Don’t forget to like subscribe and follow. Have a nice day beautiful people!

Turning Japanese

Last night’s dinner was at this new favorite Japanese Resto in SBMA. It has this cozy little minimalist ambiance, clean and simple. Just the way I like it. The food is superb, and the prices are affordable. A great substitute for expensive Japanese Restaurants. It is within reach and very accessible. Come and visit Chef Samurai!







What am I up to today? (07.04.2014)

Today is rest day. Just like yesterday. But for today, I decided to spend some Me time. So I went to the mall. Initially, my plan was just to eat lunch and do some window shopping. But my friend Yona of Your Make Up Call was scheduled for some serious facial care at Illumina Aesthetics and asked me if I wanted to come. And since I can’t remember the last time I had my face cleaned by an expert, I decided to join her. I really need some serious facial care myself because I’m having this small rashes on my face and I don’t know what caused it. So I had it checked too. It turns out I have 3 conditions on my skin (1) Warts – a horny projection on the skin usually of the extremities produced by proliferation of the skin papillae and caused by any of numerous human papillomaviruses —called also verruca vulgaris. (2) Milia – is the technical term for small, hard, white bumps that can show up—mostly on the face—in just about anyone, including infants, teens, and adults. These frustrating yet benign bumps are incredibly stubborn, lasting for weeks, months, and sometimes longer! (3) Sebaceous hyperplasia – is the technical name for a benign bump on the skin that forms over time as a result of damage, leading to an ongoing problem with over-productive oil glands. These damaged oil glands can become enlarged and clogged in a very specific manner, displaying a soft or firm white or yellowish outer rim with a depressed center. The depressed center of these bumps is one of the primary ways you can tell you’re dealing with sebaceous hyperplasia, and not with something else such as a whitehead (milia).

So Dr. Calixtro advised me on what to do. I need my face cauterized but since I’m not prepared for that first I was adviced for some deep cleansing facial with seeweed mask and diamond peel. And I had myself scheduled for my cautery procedure next week. It feels good when you know your skin is clean deep down and you have to keep it that way. It may be a little heavy financially but it’s an investment for yourself.

If you want your skin checked too, you can go to Illumina Aesthetics and Slimming Center located at DML SFC Bldg. Lot 73 Labitan St. CBD, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City. Or contact them at (047) 250-7546. Take care of that skin too!


What I Wore Today, Sunday Edition (06.29.2014)

On the other hand, what I wore to today’s event is a different story.

Mommy Salie wanted and specifically said wear something purple or something with a touch of purple since she hates the color pink for baby Zoe. So yes, I searched high and low for the perfect purple outfit until I gave up because I couldn’t find one. And then I came up with this outfit for about 5mins of thinking, something I could work with. I have this floral skirt that could make a decent outfit if paired with the right shade of purple. Then this tee pops out of now where, like it’s screaming at me to take it. And so I did. And this is what I wore.









I was contemplating on wearing heels or flats. I decided to go with the flats for the sole reason of being comfortable.

Purple Tee (Penshoppe), Floral Skirt (Forever21), Gold Slip Ons (Mendrez)


Hype this look here.